• Michael Dattolico

5 Reasons to do a Yearly Maintenance

1. Dirty Coils:

Dirty coils can be a killer! There are several issues that may occur due to dirty coils. It can make you sick, can cause higher power bills, and can shorten the life of your system.

2. Clogged Drain Lines:

Clogged drain lines are another issue that can occur without a yearly maintenance. It can leave you with water damage and possibly mold.

3.Dirty Blower Wheels:

Dirty blower wheels will reduce the air flow and cause your duct work to become dirty. Ducts are like the lungs of your home, you are breathing in the same air that goes through them.

4. Build Up:

Leaves and dirt build up around and inside your outdoor unit and can cause damage. It can cause leaks in your coils, overheat your unit, and greatly reduce the life of your system.

5. Voltage & Motors:

Your A/C unit is a work horse and runs overtime during the summer months. There are components that start your unit and regulate the voltage to the motors. These parts can operate your system at the wrong voltage and can cause motors to fail. It is important to have these parts checked yearly for proper operation.

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