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Got Flu? REME HALO™ Helps Healthy Breathing


Fisher's Heat & Air is ready to help you start breathing cleaner, fresher indoor air just in time for flu season! REME HALO™ is patented, powerful technology that is commonly referred to as a flu shot for your home even though it's used for commercial buildings as well. 

Quick facts about this innovative in-duct whole home air purification system include:

- KILLS Bacteria, Mold, & Viruses on Surfaces and in the Air* 

- REDUCES Allergens + Odors + Particulate + Smoke & VOCs 

- Used in Homes and Commercial Buildings Worldwide 

- Patented Technology, Third-Party Tested, Validated and Proven 

- REME HALO™ uses oxygen to seek out and destroy pollutants 1) at the source and also in the air BEFORE they can reach your family, clients or employees!! Picture you, your kids or coworkers sneezing. Now know that the sneeze germs can reach 3 feet and how REME HALO™ kills 99% of those germs within 3 feet!

Call (386) 313-6020  today for details on how to help keep your indoor atmosphere

happy & healthy while others are already starting to feel sick.

Despite the overwhelming benefits of the REME HALO™ it is actually incredibly easy to be installed by our expert technicians!

*Tested by Kansas State University. RGF products are not medical devices and no medical claims are made.

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